Two IVF Patients and a Leading Fertility Expert Discuss the Secrets to IVF Success (Q&A)

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Dr Malini Uppal, Fertility Specialist
Dr Malini Uppal
Medical Director
Carleen Heath, Laboratory Manager
Barbara & Igor
City Fertility Patients

Webinar Abstract

Fertility treatment options are a true medical marvel, and no one knows this better than those who have fought to be accepted and to undergo them themselves.

For Barbara E. Tanos and her partner Igor Vivanco, this almost didn’t happen.

Countless fertility clinics and experts turned them away, citing age as the defining factor for refusing IVF treatment so that their success rates weren’t hit by one couple in their late 30s coming to them for help.

But Barbara and Igor didn’t give up.

They searched for specialists in both New York and London to find someone who would take them on, and eventually they found GENNET City Fertility. Our clinic didn’t simply turn them away because of their age, and with care, understanding, and state-of-the-art technology we were able to take them through the IVF treatment that saw their dream of becoming parents come true.

On September 28th, Barbara and Igor shared their story with the world, and you can relive what they shared with this on demand recording. From the first uncertain steps and the lows of those early refusals to the highs and triumphs of finding the support they deserved and the eventual IVF success that resulted in the birth of their baby, they bore it all for you and revealed all the things you won’t often get told about fertility treatment before you start.

With advice, information, and support provided by Dr Malini Uppal of GENNET City Fertility at the same time, this completely free hour-long Webinar offers a once in a lifetime experience as both professionals and patients come together to discuss the secrets, pitfalls, and keys to success associated with IVF.