The One Stop Male Fertility Clinic

Mr Raheem runs The One Stop Male Fertility Clinic which is a new service offered by City Fertility only. In a 45 to 60 min consultation our specialist Mr Raheem will examine the male partner and will also review the results of a semen analysis which would have been done before your initial appointment. During the same visit he will carry out the required scans and offer the required treatment based on the results. He will also provide general advice on improving fertility including lifestyle modifications.

In fertility treatment the male is most often ignored and not assessed, only being asked to provide a semen sample for IVF treatment without being assessed.

Assessment of the male partner by a specialist is extremely important because up to 7% of men have fertility problems and a male factor is present in 50% of couples seeking fertility treatment.

Male partner assessment by a specialist will allow:

  • Treatment of some conditions to allow the couple to conceive naturally
  • Diagnose diseases that in addition to causing infertility would have a serious negative impact on the male partner’s health such as hormonal problems and testis cancer.
  • Diagnose genetic disorders that in addition to causing infertility may cause birth defects in the offspring.
  • Improve success rate of IVF treatment.
  • Downgrade fertility treatment for example by improving semen parameters the couple may have artificial insemination instead of IVF