Our comprehensive approach and consolidated knowledge of key areas of medical genetics and embryology distinguishes us from other centers. Highly qualified experts, latest equipment and individual care are essential for us.

Our goal is that the outcome of each treatment is successful.


Fertilized egg cells are inserted in this device and their development is automatically monitored for 3-6 days. Our embryologists select the embryo of the highest quality for the transfer, i.e. insertion in the uterus of the patient, on the basis of time recording of embryo development in this device. Embryoscope is not intended for genetic testing of the embryo. 

Agilent Technologies Sure Scan
Microarray Scanner

SureScan Scanner is intended to scan chips for methods of whole genome sequencing of chromosomal abnormalities - array CGH. Array CGH is in particular used for DNA analysis in preimplantation genetic screening of embryos and for DNA analysis in prenatal diagnosis. 

iScan Illumina

iScan is a high-performance scanner with technologically advanced lasers, optical and detection systems. iScan is used to scan chips for whole genome sequencing of chromosomal abnormalities - SNP array. We test DNA with SNP array for prenatal, postnatal and preimplantation diagnosis. 

Roche Diagnostics MagNA Pure Compact System

The device enables rapid isolation of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) from samples of patients. We mainly isolate DNA from peripheral blood or buccal swab. We isolate fetal DNA for further genetic examinations from the amniotic fluid or placental tissue in pregnant women. This automatized isolation method enables us to obtain very clean DNA. MagNA Pure Compact can isolate up to 8 samples at a time and therefore significantly accelerates work in comparison with manual isolation of DNA by a laboratory assistant. 



Due to the manipulator we are able to fertilize egg cells even with sperm cells which could never fertilize the egg cell without using this device. The fertilized egg can be subsequently constantly monitored during the entire cultivation time (up to 6 days) in the embryoscope and its development can be followed until its transfer back in the uterus. 

Qiagen QIA Symphony SP DNA
Preparation System

The device QIA Symphony is a fully automatic system that fulfills the demanding requirements for isolation of nucleic acids of up to 96 samples at a time. This leads to a significant acceleration and higher quality of the performed genetic examinations. The device is mainly used in our laboratory for DNA isolation from peripheral blood and isolation of cfDNA (cell-free DNA) from blood plasma of pregnant women in non-invasive prenatal examination of the most frequent cases of fetal chromosomal aneuploidy, especially Down syndrome (cfDNA test of GENNET). 

Rottor Gene

The device is intended for rapid and accurate analysis of PCR products in real-time (RT PCR). It enables to analyze up to 32 samples in one run of the device. We investigate thrombophilic mutations, the response to hormonal stimulation in women and screening of fragile X syndrome with RT PCR in our laboratory. The listed genetic examinations are most frequently carried out in women with recurrent miscarriages or primary sterility before the treatment with procedures of assisted reproduction. 

In addition we also take part in international quality controls and we support international research projects.

The cytogenetic and molecular genetic laboratories participate in the annual interlaboratory quality controls, both on the national and international level.