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City Fertility belongs to the FutureLife holding of fertility clinics. Thanks to our clinics and specialist more than 10,000 children per year are brought into the world. We connect 27 clinics across Europe.

We offer truly individualised approach to all fertility issues and suggest the most suitable method of treatment to all patients in order to maximise the treatment success rates. Fertility treatments are unfortunately not 100% successful, however, the cumulative pregnancy rate of 3 or more cycles is approximately 75%.

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For us you are not just a number, our patient satisfaction rate is 98% based on the in-house patient satisfaction audits and as per reviews.

Clinical Pregnancy Rates – FutureLife Clinics

January – December 2020

  • Egg

    2 632 cycles 64 %
  • IVF

    6 166 cycles 42 %
  • FET

    6 891 cycles 47 %
  • FET
    Embryo Donation

    597 cycles 63 %
  • FET
    after PGT

    1 119 cycles 65 %

We are proud to state that there are no medical criteria for any treatment. We do not cherry-pick patients to increase success rates, we are here to help every single patient facing fertility challenges. At GENNET City Fertility we treat patients with their own eggs up until 46th birthdays and with donor eggs up to 51st birthdays.

City Fertility, Egg Donation cycles

March 2012 – December 2020

  • Egg Donation fresh eggs

    52 %
  • Egg
    frozen eggs

    32 % *Low number of cycles and only in 2020
  • FET

    42 %
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IVF/ICSI stimulated cycles

March 2012 – December 2020 based on age group

Stimuled cycle graph

City Fertility, Clinical Pregnancy Rates

January – December 2020 based on treatment type


    216 cycles 43 %
  • FET

    119 cycles 44 %
  • FET
    after PGT

    9 cycles 67 %
  • FET
    Embryo Donation

    6 cycles 50 %
  • IUI

    24 cycles 14 %

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The HFEA compile data relating to success rates for all licensed centres in the UK. Please click here to see most recent data published by the HFEA. It is important to be aware that success rates have limitations as the basis for comparison or personal choice.