Semen Analysis and DNA fragmentation

Routine Semen Analysis asseses the concentration of the sperm, its motility (the percentage of moving sperm), the progression of sperm cells (the speed at which they are moving) and the percentage of normal sperm in the ejaculate. In addition we also check for anti-sperm antibodies which can be a contributing factor to subfertility. This will help us predictthe chances of natural conception or highlight an underlying issue of subfertility. It’s recommended that two Semen Analyses are carried outto diagnose male factor subfertility. These should be two-three months apart.

Sperm DNA fragmentation tests look at the way that the DNA (the genetic code) is packed within sperm cells. The value of using sperm DNA fragmentation for all fertility patientshas been  debated. However, research suggests that men with high sperm DNA fragmentation would not benefit from simple treatments like IUI and should be therefore fast-tracked to IVF/ICSI.