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Reciprocal IVF in the UK

Our services for reciprocal IVF can provide you and your partner with the specialist care and treatment you need to expand your family as you have always wanted. We also understand that this may be a challenging time for you both, so you may rest assured that you will always be treated with the kindness and respect that you deserve when seeking the treatment which works best for you.

What is Reciprocal IVF?

Reciprocal IVF, which might also be called “shared motherhood”, is a type of fertility treatment used to help couples where both partners have female reproductive organs. The procedure involves collecting eggs from one partner, fertilising them in a laboratory using donor sperm, and then transferring one or two of the resulting embryos into the womb of the other partner. As a result of this procedure being carried out, both partners will be able to experience different aspects of parenthood. The first partner will be genetically related to the child or children born, and the second partner will have the chance to bond with them through carrying the pregnancy.

Reciprocal IVF at GENNET City Fertility

Any reciprocal IVF treatment carried out at our private clinic in London will begin with you and your partner coming to us for an initial consultation. This will involve discussing your full medical history, and our specialist will also talk you through the steps of the procedure itself.

Topics that your doctor is likely to provide information on include:

  • The stimulation process
  • Egg collection
  • Any possible complications from the procedure (these are most often minimal and unlikely)

Your specialist will also spend time discussing the ovarian reserve of the partner who is to undergo stimulation. This is the amount of eggs this partner has available, and gives a reliable indication of how many may be collected for treatment by having this process carried out. If both of you are considering having a biological child, the consultant can advise on which one of your should be the first to use eggs based on age and ovarian reserve.

Once this is done, we will book an appointment with you to complete the forms required by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). This is the statutory body which regulates services related to IVF in the UK, and it also strongly recommends having implication counselling when preparing to go through reciprocal IVF as a procedure. Implication counselling is a type of counselling for those going through assisted conception treatments that involve the use of donor sperm, eggs, or embryos. It also allows patients the chance to fully reflect upon and understand the proposed course of treatment, before any part of the process actually begins, including the UK law of open identity for children born from the age of 18.

The Steps Involved

Here, we have provided a list of the steps involved in a typical reciprocal IVF treatment cycle:

  • Ovulation stimulation, in which a patient will take a series of hormone injections to stimulate their ovaries. This is done and monitored over the course of 9 to 14 days
  • The “trigger injection”, which will be given 35 to 36 hours before the egg collection step is carried out
  • The egg collection process, which will be carried out under conscious sedation (meaning the patient will receive a mild anaesthetic) and performed by a transvaginal ultrasound-guided procedure
  • Mixing the collected eggs with a chosen donor’s sperm, which will take place in our own laboratory, and then monitoring for signs of fertilisation Selecting viable embryos for the transfer process into your or your partner’s womb
  • The embryo transfer procedure, which should take place a 3-5 days after the eggs have been collected
  • The pregnancy test, which will be a blood test and should take place about 10 days after the embryo transfer procedure. This should inform you and your partner whether or not the process was successful

Freezing Remaining Embryos

In most cases, more than one embryo will be created as part of an IVF treatment cycle. Not all of these will be needed at once, though. As such, any good quality embryos that are not used right away in your treatment can be cryopreserved (frozen) for future use. These will be available to you in the event that a first cycle of treatment is unsuccessful, or if you would like to give your first child or children a sibling in the future.

It is possible to place two or more embryos in your or your partner’s womb as part of the treatment. However, it must be noted that this increases the chances of having twins or triplets.

How Much Will Reciprocal IVF Cost?

We understand that the costs involved in a reciprocal IVF treatment cycle may be a concern. However, we don’t want you to worry about this, and we aim to be as transparent as possible when detailing the costs involved in any kind of treatment. Below, we have set out a list of prices that cover the potential costs of reciprocal IVF: (Insert price list here.)

Book a Consultation

If you and your partner are ready to take the next step on the journey to parenthood, GENNET City Fertility is here to help. Our friendly team will be ready and waiting to book you in for your first free, 30-minute mini consultation as soon as you get in touch, and you will also be invited to take a tour of our facilities to help decide whether we are the right clinic and team for you. We can help you build the family you want, exactly as you want it, through reciprocal IVF. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to discuss this as a treatment option for you as soon as possible.


We know that cost is usually a concern when patients are considering treatments. We aim to be as transparent and helpful as possible and have listed our typical Reciprocal IVF costs below. There may be additional service charges should your particular case need them and these would be discussed with you based on your individualised treatment plan prior to you starting a treatment. Please refer to our full price list here for more details or please feel free to contact us.

  • Reciprocal IVF costs

    • First appointment
      £200.00 - £350.00

      Initial Consultation (£200) or LGBTQ+ Initial Consultation Package (£350)

    • Pre-treatment screen - Egg Provider
    • Pre-treatment screen - Egg Recipient
    • Early Detection Screen - Egg Provider
    • Aquascan – Saline Infusion Sonography
    • HFEA fee
    • Stimulation Medication
      approx. £1,500.00 - £2,000.00

      Can vary a lot depending on individual requirements, medical history, response to stimulation medication and other factors

      £4,750.00 download


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