Prenatal Care

Your journey doesn’t end here.

Once the treatment is successful we offer a wide range of prenatal care. Prenatal screening focuses on the detection of foetal defects which mostly develop randomly as a ”genetic accident” at conception or during the first steps of embryo development. Down syndrome is an example of a condition that we can help to identify with this approach.

We perform the following scans:

  • Early Pregnancy Viability Scan or Dating Scan
  • Anomaly Scan
  • Cervical Length Scan
  • Wellbeing Scan or Foetal Growth Scan including Doppler
  • 3D Scan
  • 4D Scan

Our services include routine woman checks – cervical smear screening, ovarian screening, pelvic and breast examinations in addition to advice on contraception, hormone replacement therapy and sexual health checks.

We offer care for the full range of gynaecological problems including problematic periods, pelvic pain, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome and troublesome vaginal discharge.