Should you decide to have egg donation treatment with one of our affiliated units, you can expect:

Waiting time prior to treatment

We have no waiting list. There is a time period for the preparation of the patient for the treatment and synchronisation with the most suitable donor. This period takes approximately 3 months.

Success rates and guarantees

Success rates are now approximately 69% across all age groups. We guarantee a minimum of 6 mature eggs from your egg donor. We guarantee at least 2 good quality embryos on the 3rd day of cultivation ready for transfer. If the sperm quality is good and we do not achieve this, your next cycle is free of charge.

If no pregnancy occurs (detection of a foetal heart beat) after 2 cycles having had attempts with all available embryos from these treatment cycles, and the sperm quality is good, you will get a 3rd cycle for free.

Who are the egg donors?

GENNET currently has over 1,000 donors in its database, most of whom are young mothers or university students (18 – 32 years) from the Czech Republic. Donors are matched to recipients using our unique matching software programme that compares and matches physical features. All our donors undergo extensive physical and gynaecological examinations, repeated tests for sexually transmitted diseases as well as genetic screening and implications counselling. We are able to share information with the recipient that might have a direct impact on the health of any child born (particularly genetic information). However, no other specific information about the donor can be shared apart from the donor´s blood group and age.

In the rare circumstance when no eggs are available and this is caused by the donor (she does not take her medication properly, terminates the stimulation etc.), you will immediately be offered a backup donor, if she meets your requirements and the treatment will continue without interruption.

Matching and synchronisation with the donor

We match the donor with the recipient according to the recipients’ requests, blood groups and physical characteristics (including eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, etc.) using our unique specialised matching software programme. You will be asked to provide a photo of you and your partner for this purpose.

Confirmation of the date for your treatment

Our coordinator will give you possible dates for your treatment (depending on your preferred range of dates for the treatment). After you confirm your preferred date, you will be asked to pay a deposit to book. As soon as possible after receiving your payment we will confirm the exact date of your treatment.

Embryo Transfer

You will be informed of your proposed date for embryo transfer before you start any treatment, enabling you to make arrangements for your trip, including flights and accommodation as early as possible. We recommend that you plan staying for at least 5 days around the proposed embryo transfer date as the precise transfer date will depend on the development of the embryos. Transfers usually take place on day 5 of the embryo development and you may travel home the same day.