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  • STANDARD for £2,950
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  • COMPLETE PLUS for £4,900
  Standard Complete Complete Plus
Price   £2,950 Call me back £4,835 £3,990 Call me back £5,785 £4,900 Call me back
Nurse Consultation
Monitoring ultrasound scans
2x supportive sessions of Counselling (if required)
Egg Collection procedure
Sperm preparation
Fertilisation using IVF
Extended embryo culture (as applicable)
1x Progesterone level confirmation blood test prior to
Embryo Transfer
Embryo Transfer procedure
Pregnancy blood test
Pregnancy confirmation ultrasound scan
HFEA fee
Time-lapse system
(EmbryoScope or GERI – subject to availability)
Female and Male Pre- treatment blood screens
(as applicable)
Sedation Anaesthesia (if required)
Semen Assesment
Cryopreservation/Freezing of embryos including
storage up to 12 months (as applicable)
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

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Purchase a package Complete Plus save £885.

Why GENNET City Fertility?

  • Cutting edge technology,
    and lab facilities
  • Thorough assessment
    of your condition
  • Bespoke and individualised
    treatment plans
  • First class clinicians with
    a wealth of knowledge and
    extensive experience
  • Caring and emphatic


THIRD IVF CYCLE FREE OF CHARGE GENNET City Fertility offers a free cycle of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) package STANDARD following two unsuccessful IVF treatments.

Payment methods are cash, debit/credit cards (excluding American Express) and bank transfer.

City Fertility will provide all patients with Terms & Conditions on their first visit which includes details in regards to payments, cancellation fees, refunds, storage obligations and other services.