IUI (Inter-Uterine Insemination)

This procedure is among the least invasive ART treatments. Sperm from the male partner or donor is introduced into the woman’s uterus, during a natural, induced or stimulated cycle. The success rate is dependent on the woman’s age and is approximately 8-15%. 

Natural Cycle IUI

This procedure is suitable for women who are single, in same sex relationship or those having difficulties due to sexual dysfunction  and have no ovulation problems orhistory of subfertility.. 
Superovulation and IUI.

In this treatment, IUI is carried out after a mild ovarian hyperstimulation aimed creating two or three follicles at ovulation. It is aimed at treating couples who have unexplained subfertility or subfertility due to endometriosis. There is a small risk of multiple pregnancy with this procedure which we would be happy to discuss with you.