IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

This procedure is among the least invasive ART treatments. In this procedure a sperm sample is introduced into the woman’s uterus using a catheter, during a natural, induced or stimulated cycle. The success rate is dependent on the woman’s age and is approximately 8-15%.

Depending on your situation you may decide to use sperm of your male partner or donor. If you are using your partner's sperm, he will be asked to produce on the day of your IUI procedure. 

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& Appointment Booking

Enquiry/Appointment Booking

Patients with previous tests or treatments are advised to arrange for copies to bring with them for their first appointment


Initial Consultation
with a Doctor

Initial Consultation with a Doctor
1 week

When you attend for your Initial Consultation the Fertility Specialist will discuss your previous medical and fertility history and review any previous investigations or treatments, as applicable. The Fertility Specialist may request further investigations and recommend on treatment options.


& Nurse Consultation

Follow-up, Nurse and Embryology
Same day - 1 week

You may require a follow-up appointment with the Fertility Specialist to discuss your results and finalise your treatment. Before your treatment cycle can commence you and your partner, as applicable, will need to attend for a Nurse Consultation with a Fertility Nurse. The nurse will ensure that you understand the individual steps and timeline, discuss medication and its application (where applicable), sign consents (where applicable), perform mandatory virology screening (blood and urine, where applicable) and also answer any questions. You will also have the opportunity to meet with an embryologist to discuss available laboratory services and their potential benefit they may have for your treatment.


Start of your

Start of your treatment
Approximately 14 days

You will attend the clinic for monitoring ultrasound scans, usually four 30 min appointments, you may also be asked to have some blood tests. At these appointment you will be continually informed on your progress and instructed on your next step.



Insemination/Egg Collection day
1 to 2 days

Approximately 14 days after your treatment start you will be given a date, time and specific instructions on when to attend the clinic for your insemination.


blood test

Pregnancy blood test
2 weeks

Attend the clinic for your pregnancy blood test


confirmation scan

Pregnancy confirmation scan
2 to 3 weeks

Attend the clinic for your pregnancy confirmation scan

Natural Cycle IUI

This procedure is suitable for women who are single, in same sex relationship or those having difficulties due to sexual dysfunction and have no ovulation problems or history of subfertility.

Superovulation and IUI

In this treatment, IUI is carried out after a mild ovarian hyperstimulation aimed at creating two or three follicles at ovulation. It is aimed at treating couples who have unexplained subfertility or subfertility due to endometriosis. There is a small risk of multiple pregnancy with this procedure which we would be happy to discuss with you. 


We know that cost is usually a concern when patients are considering treatments. We aim to be as transparent and helpful as possible and you can download a Costed Treatment Plan (CTP) document below listing all charges likely associated with this treatment. There may be additional service charges should your particular case need them and these would be discussed with you based on your individualised treatment plan prior to you starting a treatment.

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