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IVF Refund Guarantee Programmes and GENNET City Fertility

One of the most prevalent worries for those looking to undergo IVF treatment is how much any number of cycles may cost, without a full guarantee that any of these will be successful. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. GENNET City Fertility is here to reassure you that it is perfectly possible to undergo IVF treatments in full financial security with the aid of an IVF refund guarantee programme.

We work in collaboration with two experienced, professional organisations that can offer this service for you. Read on to learn more, or contact us today if you would like to book a consultation with one of our specialists and see if IVF is the right treatment option for you.

What is an IVF Refund Guarantee Programme?

An IVF refund guarantee programme is a set of measures, under which patients are covered for the costs involved in IVF treatment cycles. This means that if a patient enrols on a programme to cover a certain number of treatment cycles, and none of these result in a successful pregnancy and birth of a child, the patient will be refunded a percentage (or even the total cost) of the amount paid for the programme.

The hope for all of those involved is that you or your partner will become pregnant within one of these treatment cycles, achieving the success you have been hoping for. But, in the event that you are unsuccessful in your first tries, you will also have the security of having your money returned to you. This may then encourage you to try again, or you may decide on your own terms to seek alternative options.

Programmes We Work With

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with two specialist IVF refund guarantee providers, Access Fertility and Redia IVF Travel, to bring our patients the peace of mind they need over costs. Both organisations can offer patients a 50-100% refund if their treatment cycles are unsuccessful, though it must be noted that certain conditions will have to be met before patients can be enrolled on their programmes.

One of these conditions will usually be that tests and screenings are carried out to check the health of the patient before proceeding. GENNET City Fertility can help you with this when you select us as your clinic through their services, and we will supply your programme provider with all the necessary information once we have your results.

Access Fertility

Since 2015, Access Fertility has provided patients across the UK with refund packages that fix the cost of IVF treatments, refunding them up to 100% of this if the cycles are unsuccessful. Through their service, you are able to choose the clinic you would like to receive treatment from, pay a certain amount for a specific programme, and have the treatment carried out as soon as you have completed your enrolment.

Access Fertility offers help with a variety of IVF treatment types, and is also more than ready to help patients decide which treatment and which package or programme offered will be best for them. Standard IVF refund programmes, for instance, offer a package of treatment (2 or 3 fresh cycles of IVF and unlimited frozen embryo transfers) for a fixed fee. Meanwhile, their Unlimited Programme offers patients as many cycles as they need and wish to undergo in 2 years, all for the same price.

Multi-Cycle Programmes (two cycles’ worth of treatment) do not include refunds, but do allow patients the benefit of a significant discount compared to standard IVF costs.

To see a breakdown of costs and services covered by Access Fertility, please do not hesitate to download their brochure.

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Redia IVF Travel

Redia IVF Travel works all over the world, from Mexico to Malaysia, to provide patients with the refund packages to secure their IVF treatment costs. This refund will be between 50% and 100%, depending on individual criteria, and will apply as soon as patients have completed their application, eligibility screening, contract, and payment to the chosen clinic. GENNET City Fertility is proud to be working with them as part of their UK pilot scheme.

A refund guarantee plan from Redia IVF Travel will include up to 3 cycles of Stimulated IVF or ICSI, which includes egg retrieval, blastocyst culture, all required fertility medication, embryo freezing, and fresh and frozen embryo transfers. They also offer the same coverage for reciprocal IVF treatments and IVF carried out through egg donation. Screening tests and studies to confirm medical eligibility for the programme will not be included in this, however, nor will PGT-A screenings, other additional lab methods, or sperm donation.

All programme types will also cover costs involved in the storage of embryos for up to one year.

If you would like to learn more about the costs and services covered by Redia IVF Travel, you can find and download their brochure here.

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For More Information or to Book a Consultation

If you and your partner are ready to take the next step on the road to parenthood, but you are worried about the costs that will be involved, you are not alone. IVF refund guarantee programmes are available from Access Fertility and Redia IVF, and we at GENNET City Fertility will do everything we can to ensure our prices remain as transparent as possible.

Contact us today if there is anything else you would like to know before you think of taking your fertility journey with us, or speak with a friendly member of staff about setting up your first free, 30-minute mini consultation. You will always have the chance to decide if we are the clinic for you, before committing to any kind of treatment plan ‒ at any particular price.


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