GENNET City Fertility are delighted to announce that we are now working with Future Health Biobank to offer our clients the option to store their baby’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

Stem cells are the foundation and building blocks of life. Over 85 medical conditions have been treated using cord blood stem cells including anaemias, leukaemia and thalassemia, with the list constantly growing. The future potential of these stem cells is vast and includes the treatment of conditions such as diabetes, cerebral palsy and heart disease.

The collection process for cord blood and cord tissue stem cells is incredibly simple. Following the safe delivery of your baby, these unique cells are collected from the placenta and umbilical cord. After collection Future Health Biobank tests the cells at their state-of-the-art processing and storage facility to ensure they are suitable for long-term storage.

Having stored over 125,000 samples, more than all other UK banks combined, Future Health Biobank is the largest cord blood bank in the UK. Future Health Biobank has processed and stored samples from 75 different countries around the world.

Storing your child’s cord blood and cord tissue for 25 years’ costs from as little as £83 a month over 12 months using Future Health Biobank’s interest free instalment plans.

Processing methods

Future Health Biobank now offers two processing methods on the cord blood samples: Whole Blood and Volume Reduction.

Volume Reduction simply means that the stem cells are extracted from the blood before being frozen allowing them to be used immediately for treatment if required. This also allows to “count” the number of stem cells and ensure that the minimum requirement are available before being frozen. This method is in-line with the processes utilised by the NHS and public banks worldwide.

Whole Blood is where the sample receives minimal processing and the blood is stored “as a whole”. This is a more cost effective option. If a sample stored via this method is requested for release, the stem cells will still need to be extracted before the sample can be used in treatment.


Future Health Biobank offers a comprehensive range of stem cell banking services at the birth of your baby. To help you choose the perfect service for your family, there are several package options. City Fertility is happy to cover 50% of your initial deposit on your behalf.

Premium (volume reduced processing)

Your sample is processed and stored, so it is ready to be used in treatment with no additional processing cost or delay at a later stage. It is also the industry standard method of storing cord blood all over the world for both private and public banks including the NHS.

Cord blood stem cell banking - £1,600 (initial deposit £195)

Cord blood and cord tissue stem cell banking - £2,195 (initial deposit £295)

Please note you may be required to pay an additional phlebotomist fee of £300.

Standard (whole blood processing)

The sample is stored with minimal processing. However, should you require the sample for treatment in the future, there will need to be some form of processing before you can use it and the additional cost will be incurred at that time. It is also not so commonly used in treatment.

Cord blood stem cell banking - £995 (initial deposit £195)

Cord blood and cord tissue stem cell banking - £1,590 (initial deposit £295)

Please note you may be required to pay an additional phlebotomist fee of £300.

Annual storage fees

All packages require annual storage fees to be paid each year. Annual fees start from £49 per sample.

Interest free instalment plan

Everyone should be given the opportunity to take full advantage of stem cell banking. As having a baby can be an expensive time, we try to make things a little more manageable by offering interest free payment plans over 6 to 12 months.


Please quote the code CFC01 to ensure that we will cover 50% of your initial deposit and to receive a 10% discount out of the above mentioned fees.

If you wish to talk in more detail about the service or wish to get everything arranged, please call the Customer Care Team at Future Health Biobank on 0115 967 7707, email custcare@fhbb.com or visit their website Future Health Biobank.