Frozen Thawed Embryo Replacement

Many stimulated cycles result in surplus embryos after embryo transfer. Good quality embryos at day 5-6 after egg collection can be vitrified (frozen) for future use. These embryos can be transferred in a later frozen cycle.  This is often performed when a fresh embryo transfer has been unsuccessful or for the creation of siblings in the future. Occasionally, we may advise that all suitable embryos should be frozen before embryo transfer such as when having PGD/PGS, when there is a risk of severe ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS) or any other complication, and when the chances of implantation are deemed to be poor but could be improved in the future.

Women with regular cycles and no ovulation dysfunction


Women with irregular cycles or with ovulation dysfunction

Frozen Thawed Embryo Replacement cycles can be done in a natural cycle. Your cycle will be monitored closely to determine the exact day of ovulation and embryos will be transferred 3-5 days after ovulation.   Frozen Thawed Embryo Replacement are carried out after medicated endometrial preparation or after a cycle of ovulation induction. 

The results with vitrified embryos are excellent and appear to be similar (and some claim better) to the results with fresh embryo transfer.