Female & Male Fertility Preservation

Female & Male Fertility Preservation

Female Fertility Preservation

Egg freezing using vitrification (also called Oocyte Vitrification) is offered to women who are at risk of compromising fertility often because of advancing maternal age, a family history of premature ovarian failure or before the start of some cancer treatments. Egg vitrification can be used by women who want to delay having their family for social reasons or because they don’t currently have partner and are concerned about decreasing fertility with increasing age. 

We use the very latest vitrification technique for cryopreservation of oocytes, a process which uses a much faster cooling rate to ensure optimal egg survival. The oocytes are stored for later use in a secure monitored liquid nitrogen tank. Oocytes can be kept cryopreserved for 10 years in the first instance and up to 55 years in total in certain circumstances.
GENNET City Fertility offers Patient Information Evenings on the topic of egg freezing for social reasons.  

Male Fertility Preservation

Sperm freezing can be carried out for patients who are at risk of subfertility because of treatment which may have a long-term effect on sperm production or quality. The most common cases are patients who need chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat cancer.