The latest technology for continuous assessment and culture of embryos – available for £400 now at GENNET City Fertility. Until recently, embryo monitoring has involved the removal of embryos from an incubator for microscopic assessment at a specific moment in time. GENNET City Fertility offers time-lapse imaging of embryos utilising the EmbryoScope TM incubator system – with a microscope and camera system integrated within the incubator your embryos are monitored 24 hours a day whilst they are in culture allowing embryo development to be assessed and observed as a time-lapse movie.

In addition, there is reduced disturbance to your embryos compared to using traditional incubation methods as the embryos remain in the incubator in a stable environment throughout the culture process without the need to remove them for daily checks.

EmbryoScope ™ provides our team of embryologists additional morphological and developmental information about your embryos, including the assessment of morphology, multinucleation, cell division patterns and timings – all contributing to the selection of better quality embryo(s) to transfer.

Key Benefits of time-lapse imaging

  • Selection of “highest potential” embryos for embryo transfer giving you your optimal chance of having a baby
  • More stable environment for your embryos during culture
  • Time-lapse developmental video of your embryos for you to keep