Egg Donation in the UK

If you choose to follow GENNET City Fertility’s UK egg donation programme, we offer you:

No waiting time prior to treatment

GENNET City Fertility currently has no waiting time prior to treatment for egg donation. There is a short period of a few weeks for preparation of the recipient for treatment and synchronisation with the most suitable donor. If you opt to have treatment using donor eggs from our vitrified egg bank there will be no need for synchronisation and you will be able to start your treatment even sooner. Our Egg Donation Co-Ordinator will help you find a suitable altruistic egg donor in the UK.

Information given to recipients

Recipients are given as much non-identifying information about the donor as is possible. This usually includes physical and personal characteristics and a profile written by the donors themselves.

Assessment and screening of donors

Donors who give eggs through our clinic must answer a series of questions designed to ensure that they are suitable. Counselling is routinely offered. We will check donors’ family history to assess their eligibility in terms of inherited medical conditions. Donors have a hormone profile taken to ensure that there are no difficulties in stimulating the ovaries. The donor’s blood group is obtained. All donors go through stringent screening checks to ensure they are not carrying infections, such as HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and gonorrhoea.

We will perform a basic genetic screening which includes a karyotype and cystic fibrosis gene mutation screen. Other genetic tests will be done based on a donor's individual risk to specific conditions.

The infectious and genetic screenings are aimed at minimising the risk of a transmission of a genetic or infectious disease following the donation. However, the process cannot eliminate the risk completely.  

There is a limited number of 10 families created by each donor as a result of donation. We will check the family slots available for each donor before matching you with one.


You will have a treatment planning consultation and nurse consultation to talk through the details of your specific treatment protocol. You will also sign the required consent forms and attend GENNET City Fertility for ultrasound scans and blood tests to monitor the development of your endometrium (lining of the womb). The exact number of scans depends on your specific treatment plan and your response to the medication. Your donor will also be receiving medication and careful monitoring to assess her response to the medication.

Your male partner (if applicable) will provide a sperm sample on the day of your donor’s egg collection. You will be contacted and informed of the outcome of the donor’s egg collection, fertilisation and embryo development.

Embryo Transfer

Fertilised eggs, now called embryos, are transferred to the uterus between day 2 and day 5 after egg collection and any remaining good quality embryos are vitrified (frozen).

Approximately 14 days after egg collection, you will do a pregnancy blood test. You will continue to receive aftercare and support from GENNET City Fertility throughout your treatment. Two supportive counselling sessions are included within the treatment package.

Please be aware that donors have the right to ask centres at any time how many children have been born as a result of the donation, the gender of the children and the years of birth.