Egg Donation - an overview

Egg donation involves stimulating the donor's ovaries to produce a number of eggs which are retrieved and then fertilised by your partner's sperm. The embryos that are created can be transferred into your womb so you can conceive and deliver the baby. 

Egg Donation may be considered for women with ovarian failure or in cases of repeated IVF/ICSI failure due to poor quality eggs.

GENNET City Fertility has several options to help couples find an egg donor and enable you to have treatment without a long waiting period. This includes having treatment at GENNET City Fertility using a UK egg donor or eggs from our vitrified egg bank. GENNET City Fertility recruit altruistic egg donors on a regular basis.

We are also proud to be able to offer egg donation using our sister unit, GENNET Archa in Prague, Czech Republic.


It is important to be aware that at the time of donation, the donation is anonymous, i.e. you will not meet or know the donor. Since April 2005 the UK regulations state that your child will have access to the identity of the donor when he/she reaches the age of 18 and some basic information at 16. In contrast to the UK, in the Czech Republic donation is completely anonymous and your child will not have access to the identity of the donor at any point.

At times couples elect to have treatment using a known donor. This may be a member of the family or a close friend. Obviously, under such circumstances the donation cannot be anonymous.

Parenthood issues

Whether in the UK or overseas, egg donors have no parental rights or commitment to the donor-conceived children. If the woman who is treated has a husband or a civil partner who gave his consent to the treatment or a female civil partner, he/she is considered as a legal parent. In the absence of a civil partnership or a marriage certificate the appropriate parenthood HFEA documents are required before embarking on treatment.

Withdrawing consent

Although highly unlikely, an egg donor can change her mind at any time about the use of her donated eggs up to the point of embryo transfer. This applies to any additional embryos resulting from the egg donation that you will have frozen for your future use.