Couples' Initial Consultation Package

Couple’s Initial Consultation Package (Fertility Assessment)

The Initial Consultation Package has been put together in order to offer the basic investigations (blood test and ultrasound scan) that you will need in order to proceed with a treatment in most fertility clinics. This package offers a saving of £230 compared to the pay-as-you-go service and is great for either couples looking at starting fertility treatment or for couples looking to assess their fertility. 

As City Fertility proudly supports LGBT Q+ community, this package is also applicable for same-sex couples looking into their fertility - in such cases both partners would either attend for AMH blood tests and ultrasound scans, or semen assessments, followed by a consultation. 

First step

  • Female partner - Attend the clinic for:
    • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) blood test - this predicts ovarian reserve and is a reliable indicator of a woman’s potential fertility.
    • Complete Fertility Scan with an Antral Follicle Count - using the latest technology to provide a complete assessment of egg reserve, blood flow to ovaries and follicles
  • Male partner - Attend the clinic for the Semen Assessment – a measure of a man’s sperm count, motility and morphology.

Second step

  • Consultation with a Fertility Specialist - you will spend time with our Fertility Specialist who will review your medical history considering any conditions, gynaecology and fertility history and will discuss with you the results of the blood test and ultrasound scan. You will also have the opportunity of discussing potential changes to your lifestyle which may impact your fertility potential.

  • Cost

    • Initial Consultation Package (ICP)

      Initial Consultation, Antral Follicle Count scan, Anti-Müllerian hormone test, Semen assessment

Anti-Müllerian Hormone
(AMH) blood test
A reliable indicator of fertility potential in women.
Fertility scan
with antral follicle count
Uses the latest technology to provide a complete assessment of egg reserve, blood flow to the ovaries and starter follicles.
Semen assessment Sperm count, motility and morphology sperm parameters are measured.
60 minutes consultation
with Fertility Specialist
You will spend time with one of our experienced Doctors who will review your medical history and discuss the results of the blood test, ultrasound scan, semen assessment and other questions regarding treatment.

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