Where excellence meets hope
Article from medical experts from our clinic

Where excellence meets hope

Gennet City Fertility’s (GCF) team of professionals has vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field of
fertility medicine and assisted reproduction, and the management of early pregnancy. IVF was developed more than 40 years ago and is now the most common and effective type of fertility treatment. Originally invented to treat infertility due to blocked tubes, IVF is a suitable treatment for a range of fertility challenges including male factor, unexplained subfertility, subfertility due to endometriosis and ovulation dysfunction. IVF can be performed during a woman’s natural cycle or in conjunction with mild or full ovarian stimulation. GCF treats patients up to their 46th birthday using their own eggs. Donor egg treatment is available for patients up to their 51st birthday. Egg donation can be considered in women with ovarian failure or in cases of repeated IVF/ICSI
failure due to poor quality eggs.

At GENNET City Fertility, men with fertility challenges are thoroughly investigated before embarking on IVF/ICSI treatment. You’ll be assessed for a hormonal imbalance, chronic genital tract infection, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems and many more. If necessary, you’ll be offered interventions to improve sperm quality, to improve your chances of success with IVF/ICSI treatment.
GCF also offers egg freezing — using the new vitrification method — which is available to women who are at risk of declining fertility. Sperm freezing is also available for patients who are at risk of subfertility. This may be due to treatment which may have a long-term effect on sperm production or quality i.e. some cancer treatments or gender reassignment therapies. Once the treatment is successful, GCF offers a wide range of prenatal care. Prenatal screening focuses on the detection of foetal defects which mostly develop randomly as a ‘genetic accident’ at conception, or during the first steps of embryo development. Down syndrome is an example of a condition that GCF can help to identify with this approach. Having IVF treatment in a supportive environment, with a dedicated team of professionals who provide good pastoral care, can significantly improve your fertility journey.

Gennet City Fertility also offers egg freezing — using the new vitrification method
— which is available to women who are at risk of declining fertility.

Why GENNET City Fertility:

  • High success rate.
  • No waiting list.
  • Bespoke treatment plans.
  • Cutting edge technology lab facilities.


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Article from medical experts from our clinic