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donor sperm egg donation egg donor general implantation IVF A Guide to Egg Donor IVF in the UK
Experts from City Fertility

We have put together this guide on egg donor IVF treatments in the UK so you can read on and feel informed before you make the decision to book a consultation.

IVF IVF Refund Programmes: Why the High Demand?
Experts from City Fertility

In recent years, the demand for IVF refund programmes has grown exponentially. More and more, couples are looking for reassurance that they will not be left out of pocket if their fertility treatments are unsuccessful. But why exactly is this? What is an IVF refund programme, and how could enrolling on one help you?

infertility IVF ovarian stimulation same-sex couples What is reciprocal IVF?
Dr Malini Uppal

For many of us, starting a family is important. However, it's not always easy. In vitro fertilisation, better known as IVF, gives a lifeline of hope to couples who have so far been unable to have a child. For same-sex couples, it raises the question of which partner will be the baby's biological parent. Reciprocal IVF is one option that allows two female partners to share in the process of having a child, with one partner providing the genes and the other carrying the embryo. Fertility Specialist Dr Malini Uppal explains.

FAQ general IVF How Does IVF Work
Dr Malini Uppal

Many people will currently be considering IVF treatment in the UK in order to expand their families and have the children they’ve always wanted. But how does IVF work, exactly? How long will the procedure take? These are questions we’re often asked at GENNET City Fertility, and we have put together this expert guide on IVF treatment to help provide some of the answers.