IVF Refund Programmes: Why the High Demand?
Article from medical experts from our clinic

IVF Refund Programmes: Why the High Demand?


In recent years, the demand for IVF refund programmes has grown exponentially. More and more, couples are looking for reassurance that they will not be left out of pocket if their fertility treatments are unsuccessful. But why exactly is this? What is an IVF refund programme, and how could enrolling on one help you?

GENNET City Fertility is here to answer these questions, and to show you some of the benefits of having your fertility treatments backed by a service that can help you have a baby, or give you your money back.

What is an IVF Refund Programme?

An IVF refund programme, or IVF refund guarantee programme, is a set of measures that covers patients for the costs involved in their chosen IVF treatment cycles. When enrolled on a programme, a patient will pay a fixed fee and be covered for a set number of cycle attempts ‒ usually two or three, though some programmes may offer more. If these attempts are all unsuccessful and do not result in the birth of a child, the patient will be refunded a percentage (or even the total cost) of the amount they paid for the programme.

Why are Patients Looking for Refund Programmes?

IVF treatments come with some risks, and it is never a certain thing that one particular cycle will be successful. Added to this is the fact that these cycles cost money to have carried out. Sometimes, prospective parents may find that the cost of going through another round of treatment is simply not feasible for their household budget, and decide to stop going through IVF entirely to save money. This may happen whether or not they still wish to have a baby, with some couples left wondering how they will be able to expand their families.

Having an IVF refund guarantee programme available offers patients the security and peace of mind they need when deciding to start a cycle of fertility treatment. By enrolling on a programme and undergoing treatment with it in place, you will be doing it in the knowledge that you will get your money back if the treatment does not result in you having a baby. As a result, you will then be able to try again with the same money until you achieve success and reach your ultimate goal of parenthood.

Why You Should Consider an IVF Refund Guarantee

Alongside the peace of mind offered by an IVF refund guarantee, there are several other reasons you may find that enrolling on a programme is an option for you. For instance, there is also a chance that the programme will be more cost-effective for you and your partner, as programmes will normally cover multiple cycles of treatment. This means you will not have to pay more for the number of cycles that you have agreed to, and you can keep on trying until you are successful.

As you are likely to undergo multiple cycles while enrolled on a treatment programme, you may also find that you are more likely to become pregnant. Studies have shown that IVF treatments have an increased success rate over time, with around 30% of patients noted to carry and give birth to a baby after the first cycle. The odds increase to around 70% for those who choose to undergo between eight and nine cycles. This may encourage you to continue, as there is always a chance that the next cycle will be the one that helps you to have the baby you have always wanted.

If you decide not to try again after the covered treatment cycles have all been attempted, you will also have the freedom to decide what to do with the refund you receive. This may mean using it to look into alternative options, such as adoption if you feel like this may be a better fit for you and your needs. You may even simply decide to use the final covered round of IVF to ensure you receive your refund and find that this is the time the treatment works. It becomes the much longed-for surprise that you might have not imagined was possible!

How Our Partners Can Help GENNET

City Fertility is delighted to be working in collaboration with two specialist IVF guarantee programme providers, Redia IVF and Access Fertility, to bring patients the comfort and security of financial coverage that they need and deserve. In partnership with these services, we will be delighted to provide the initial screenings and tests needed to complete enrolment on their programmes, as well as to offer the IVF treatments patients wish to use to take the next step on the journey to parenthood.

Through these organisations, you will be offered a range of options for programmes that can provide you with a 50% to 100% refund, thereby securing your IVF treatment costs if you need to try again. Through their services, you will be able to choose the clinic you would like to receive your treatment from, pay a certain amount for the programme you want to enrol on, and begin your treatment cycles as soon as all necessary applications, screenings, and payments have been made.

For More Information

Our partners’ ultimate goal is to ensure that you can expand your family as you want, without the fear of losing money if the first attempts are unsuccessful. To learn more about what they can provide for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with them and ask. Their staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and can take you through the programmes they offer to help you find the one which provides the coverage you need. If you would like more information on the steps GENNET City Fertility will provide in your overall IVF journey, contact us on the phone or send us an email today. Our team will be ready and waiting to assist, before setting you up with a free, 30-minute mini consultation so you can decide if we are the clinic to take you forward on the way to forming your family.

Article from medical experts from our clinic