How City Fertility can help you in your fertility journey
Fertility Specialist

How City Fertility can help you in your fertility journey

Dr Malini Uppal of City Fertility clinic who is a leading fertility specialist, explains how she and her team can provide couples with support to improve their chances of conceiving, starting with preconception advice and free counselling sessions.


Often, the first step in providing support for couples trying to conceive is to give them advice. This may be about the natural process of conception or guidance on the frequency and timing of intercourse. Hence, fertility treatment does not always require medical intervention.

Psychosexual counselling and relationship specialists:

We often see that stress, anxiety and relationship difficulties are increased in couples with subfertility who might be undergoing fertility treatment. Hence, having a few sessions with a counsellor or relationship specialist can help to ensure that fertility treatment doesn’t cause harm to other aspects of your well-being.


Eating well and making sure you have the right balance of vitamins is important for your fertility. In addition, certain lifestyle changes, such as stopping smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, are very important first steps to conceiving. Hence, nutritionists can help couples to make these changes and give advice on how to adjust their diet where necessary.


Counselling allows people to talk through their problems in a confidential setting. It can prove helpful for couples to improve their understanding of the implications of certain fertility treatments, and give them support at critical points in their fertility journey, such as before starting in vitro fertilisation (IVF), or if IVF has not been successful. City Fertility has in-house counselling services to help couples through these demanding times, and those having IVF, frozen-thawed embryo replacement or IUI treatment will receive 1-2 sessions as part of their treatment package.

Support groups:

Support is helpful for couples going through the emotional process of fertility treatment. At City Fertility, monthly support group meetings are held for couples to get help from a counsellor and from people going through similar experiences. Such a setting can provide people with an extra source of comfort, coping strategies, empowerment and a sense of community. Meeting people who can directly relate can often be the type of support couples need, which their friends and family might not be able to provide.

Dr Malini Uppal
Fertility Specialist