Egg Donation at City Fertility
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Egg Donation at City Fertility

How do I get started?

The first step would be to book an Initial Consultation with our Fertility Specialist - Dr. Malini Uppal, who is in charge of our egg donation program. You can find more details about her on

The consultation is chargeable at £200 (note: price at the time of writing this article) and it lasts 60 minutes. This is recommended for patients who have had some previous investigations done.

Alternatively, you can book the Initial Consultation Package (chargeable at £350 at the time of writing this article) which includes apart from the 60 minutes consultation with a Fertility Specialist also an AMH blood test, vaginal ultrasound scan and a Semen Assessment for your partner (for same-sex couples this package is tweaked appropriately).

The person who will take care of you throughout the process (since the initial enquiry until the pregnancy test) and that you will meet in person to discuss any costs and anything related to our egg donation program is me - Karin Flyckt. 

How do you match me with an egg donor?

You will we provided with a Recipient Characteristics Form for you to complete and send back. Based on this form we will be able to match you with a donor with the same or preferrable characteristics. Depending on the donor programme you have chosen we will need to gather all required investigations' and tests' results from you - these might include blood tests, but also other investigations and procedures. All the required would be done in the clinic and if possible during one-stop visit (depending on your cycle and when the procedures can or should be done). Once all the results are back we will start the matching process.

The timeframe of the matching process depends on your blood group and very much on the requirements for characteristics. 

Starting treatment

Following you being matched with an egg donor, you would attend for a Nurse Consultation with our nurse Sarah Carter. Sarah will talk you through all the consent forms that will need to be filled in and signed and will also explain what medication and at what dosage you need to take throughout your treatment. You will be also shown and can practice how and where to successfully inject the stimulation medication.

Once the day 1 of your menstrual cycle arrives, you will start with the injections. You will need approximately 2 - 3 transvaginal ultrasound monitoring scans before you are ready for the Embryo Transfer. All the dates would have been discussed with the nurse during an appointment called Nurse Consultation.

Eggs retrieved from the egg donor during a procedure called Egg Collection will be fertilised by your partner's or donor's sperm sample, either produced fresh on the day of Egg Collection, alternatively you might already have a frozen sperm sample ready in the clinic to be used in treatment. 

The Embryo Transfer procedure usually takes place 3 to 5 days after the donor's Egg Collection depending on the programme and guarantee. This procedure is a very simple and short one where the created embryos are transferred into the uterus with a catheter so no sedation is required. 

Your pregnancy test will take place 10 to 14 days after your Embryo Transfer depending on the embryo reaching a blastocyst (Day 5 embryo).   

Various options

We work with our clinics abroad in order to offer different donor programmes to meet your needs and also financial budget. Currently, we do offer either a standard UK route of undergoing treatment with donor eggs here in London (open identity egg donation, alternatively known egg donation), or 2 different programmes with our clinic GENNET in Prague (both of which are with a guarantee), alternatively a programme in cooperation with our clinic Ovumia in Finland (open identity egg donation).

For the last two options patients can have all appoitments, investigations and monitoring done here at City Fertility and they would just fly over to Prague (CZ), Helsinki (FIN) or Tampere (FIN) for the day of Embryo Transfer. Your partner's sperm samples (where applicable) would be transferred over to the clinic in advance and free of charge. 

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions or would like to know anything specific about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me by email on or by telephone on 020 8209 3226 and I will be happy to help you.

Patient Coordinator