CTshipper: All About GENNET City Fertility’s Own Fertility Courier
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CTshipper: All About GENNET City Fertility’s Own Fertility Courier

We understand that, whenever you choose to carry out IVF treatment, you will want to find the clinic that’s right for you and your circumstances. Sometimes this may even involve going abroad to ensure the treatment is carried out to your standards of comfort and at the price you can best afford. This is where the services of a fertility courier will offer everything you need.

But What Exactly is a Fertility Courier? To keep you as informed as possible about our processes, we have provided a short explanation on what a fertility courier is and set out all the information you could possibly need on CTshipper, GENNET City Fertility’s own fertility courier service.

What is a Fertility Courier?

Fertility couriers, also sometimes known as IVF couriers, are professionals offering a specialised transport service for patients across the globe. They provide international “hand-carry” transfers of frozen embryos, sperm, eggs, and other cells and genetic material between fertility clinics and medical labs found worldwide. 

If you have been considering fertility treatment at a clinic based somewhere abroad, you may find yourself in a position where you will need to have your genetic material transported to your clinic of choice. This is where it will be necessary for a fertility courier, such as CTshipper, to step in and help. 

It’s vitally important that the treatment needed coincides with a patient’s biological cycle in order to give them the best chances of conceiving. As such, it’s also important that any cells or genetic tissues sent abroad are delivered on time. The services provided by a professional courier will ensure safe delivery of any material you need transferred to your preferred clinic, at a time when you need it there.

CTshipper: Our Fertility Courier Services

At GENNET City Fertility, our fertility courier services are carried out by CTshipper, which was established as a service in 2013 by our very own General Manager, Lukáš Beránek. The company was created following the experience of GENNET in the world of transporting gametes and embryos, and specialises in the safe, secure door-to-door transfer of each material sample given to us by our patients. 

The coordination and planning of each transportation is overseen by Mr Monico Amos, from our own offices in the heart of London, UK. 

Monico personally transports each material sample we are entrusted with delivering, ensuring that embryos and gametes from the UK and across the world arrive safely at their intended destinations. To date, CTshipper has been responsible for nearly 4,000 shipments being carried out worldwide. 

The service provided by CTshipper was even available to patients in the time of the pandemic, with 300 specimens carried as of service resuming in June 2020. 90 of these were organised from our London office. On average per year, CTshipper will transport 250 gamete cells from our UK clinic and our parent company in Czechia to clinics based around the world.

How We Transport Gametes and Embryos

Any material transferred to a clinic abroad will be transported in a ‘dry shipper container’ or deep freezer. This is a large Dewar flask (which might also be called a vacuum flask) containing a porous material, which is designed for the safe shipment of materials and specimens at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The design of the flask also ensures that no liquid nitrogen (LN2) can be spilled during the journey.

In order to be transported safely, the samples have to be stored at a temperature of -197°C. This keeps the conditions inside the flask as close to liquid nitrogen as possible, so the cell processes that would otherwise be taking place almost stop entirely. 

Cells are able to survive under these conditions for many years without any loss of quality, so we do everything possible to ensure the material remains under these conditions during the journey. This includes measuring the inner temperature of the dry shipper container at regular intervals throughout transportation. Everything will also be measured by a datalogger, so the samples will never be exposed to higher temperatures and will always remain within a stable inner environment.

Ensuring X-Ray Exemption

Commonly, dry shipper containers being transported by regular shipping companies will be x-rayed when passing through airports. However, as exposure to radiation from the machines may have a damaging impact on the DNA stability of gametes and embryos, this risk is minimised with our services.

We are able to minimise the risk of exposure to x-ray radiation by:

  • Ensuring the shipper containing your samples are accompanied by a supervisor at all times (this will be an embryologist or another professionally trained employee)
  • Requesting x-ray exemptions in advance with the airport (our licenses for distribution of reproductive material in several countries, including the UK, US, and Czechia, allow us to do this)

Who are Fertility Courier Services Provided For?

Our clients come from all walks of life, living all over the world and choosing clinics in countries as widespread as you can find. Our shipping services are not restricted; if you are planning on receiving IVF treatment in another country, we will do everything we can to transport your samples there quickly and safely. 

Why Choose these Services?

There has been an increase in demand for international courier services in recent years, particularly in the time of the pandemic. Travel restrictions have meant that both couples and single patients have been unable to go abroad, so they haven’t been able to receive fertility treatments or undergo procedures such as IVF or egg donation, or undergo the procedures necessary to begin a surrogacy. 

As Monico is classed as an essential worker, he is permitted to travel internationally. This means that the embryos and gametes needed to continue any patient’s journey and move them a step closer to parenthood can still be transported. Even better, the patients can then receive their treatment a little bit closer to the comforts of home.

For More Information About Our Services

If you would like to learn more about our fertility courier services, including the prices you can expect to pay for the transportation, please see our other page. There, you can find out more about what CTshipper will provide for you when you decide to take the next step to start your family abroad.

Alternatively, if you feel you’d rather have your IVF treatment carried out right here in London, UK, you may also wish to contact us and speak to one of our specialists. We’ll be happy to arrange a free mini consultation that could soon see you on the path to parenthood, at an agreed price that should always suit your budget.

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