Creating Your Emotional Support Strategy
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Creating Your Emotional Support Strategy

We want to help you create your unique Emotional Support Strategy which includes a team you can reach out when you need to, and some strategies that you can apply when you face distressing situations. 

Your Emotional Support Team

To create your Emotional Support Team, think about people you can rely on when you need support. We are going to include people you value and trust (family/friends), people who are going through a similar journey (peer support) and professional support to help you make sense of your emotions and experiences and help you navigate all the challenges of this journey. 

When it comes to people you value and trust, it may be that you don’t want to share your journey with friends or family but maybe consider sharing with someone whom you can talk to about a small part of the journey – you don’t have to share all the details if you don’t want to. Sharing is associated with reduced emotional distressed.

On finding someone going through a similar journey, you can find large communities on social media, closed Facebook groups, Instagram or online forums like Health Unlocked.

When looking for professional support, identify a fertility counsellor or coach. Our website has a few options and we offer a free coaching consultation to all our patients.

Write down the names and contact details of your Emotional Support Team so you can reach them quickly when you need to.

Your Emotional Support Plan

To create your Emotional Support Plan, identify situations when you have felt emotionally distressed, and write down strategy you used or that you plan on using to make you feel better. This plan will grow over time, as you encounter new challenging situations and as you learn new strategies to cope with them through the support network above. Professional counsellors and coaches will be able to help you identify great strategies for each situation. 

At GENNET City Fertility we are aware most people underestimate the emotional distress that may be caused by infertility, so whatever stage you're in, make sure you are prepared. In our commitment to support you, we are giving away a Free Fertility Coaching consultation with the awarded Nurse Consultant and NLP Coach Andreia Trigo. It's never too late to start your fertility support plan, why not start today? Book your appointment here

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