Breakdown of IVF treatment and improving our services
Senior Administrator

Breakdown of IVF treatment and improving our services

One of the most important criteria when choosing a fertility clinic is definitely the cost. Patients are understandably afraid that more and more hidden costs will increase the final bill and they might not be able to afford it. That's why we continuously look to improve the way our treatment packages are put together and that is why we are so proud about our prices being reasonable. Our Senior Administrator Beilul has prepared a short article about what we have done with our IVF packages, a short guide on individual steps throughout the treatment when it comes to billing and also how we listen to your feedback. 

We understand IVF treatment is expensive, and at City Fertility we believe our prices are reasonable which is something we take great pride from. I speak with patients on a daily basis and from time to time I will often hear patients are taken aback from our prices, which is great to know and it’s great to represent City Fertility.

We continuously look to improve our processes which are important when it comes to billing. All enquiries will receive a comprehensive treatment cost breakdown. The email will explain the total approx. budget, when payment is due, what’s included in the package and what is excluded. So an individual or couple from the very first point of contact will understand what to budget which we know is very important and is completely understandable.

Once the patient has spoken with the Doctor they have the opportunity to speak with myself or a colleague in the Administration department straight after the appointment to discuss the costs involved for any investigations/treatment recommended. In this discussion will be outlined the cost for the investigations, when this can be booked and if applicable an information sheet will be provided so that patients can have as much information as possible which we hope they find useful.

The next part of the discussion is to outline the treatment package(s) available. In 2019 we had four IVF Packages (for fresh transfer) and we have simplified this to one package. We have gone further in terms of improvement and included monitoring blood tests which was previously on a pay-as-you-go basis. These changes are in view of our own review and also patient feedback which are critical as we value all patient feedback to help improve our services to make the patients' journey as stress free as possible. Additionally, we previously did not accept American Express payment, but in the past year we have accepted AmEx payments (£750 limit towards the package) given patients frequent request, which we hope have provided an individual with a free journey somewhere! Patients are also made away we do not accept cash payment. Monitoring blood test are included across the board on all treatment apart from Ovulation Induction.

We work with Access Fertility who provide alternative IVF packages alongside with what we offer in-house. The care provided remains the same and we feel by offering an alternative patients can make a choice which package is more tailored to their needs. So when IVF is recommended, I will discuss this option and it will be down to the patient to make the decision which option would work for best them, as this choice is all about the patient. 

If the patient has undertaken the investigations and a treatment plan is in place, the next step would be to book a nurse consultation in view of starting treatment. I will always ask the patient if they would like to have a package refresher which is always my preference so we can touch over again what was discussed.

Following the nurse consultation appointment the next step would be to attend for monitoring scans, receive clinical advice during the treatment and hopefully see the patient for pregnancy monitoring. The glass office is situated on the same floor with the Doctors and nurses where the monitoring scans occur so patients usually pop in to make payment, to share any queries, or just to say hi!

We know financing treatment is not cheap and for some can be stressful, so it is of my own personal ambition and City Fertility’s to make sure this process is as smooth and easy as possible, with hope of a beautiful baby in the end.

If you have any specific questions about costs, treatment packages, Access Fertility or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me by email on or call on 020 8209 3226.

Senior Administrator