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GENNET City Fertility have been a supporter of the Fertility Network for a few years and have become part of the Patient Pledge – a commitment to provide exceptional emotional support to our patients at all stages of their journey.

We do take this commitment very seriously as for us patients‘ wellbeing is of paramount importance.

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Dr Benjamin Abramov
Dr Benjamin Abramov
Word from our Medical Director
Dr Benjamin Abramov
Dr Benjamin Abramov

I am delighted to have joined a team of professionals who share my ethos of patient centred fertility care. We know that choosing to have fertility treatment at GENNET City Fertility means entrusting us with your most precious dream.

We will leave no stone unturned to give you the best chances of conception. We believe in an individualised approach to our patients’ fertility challenges and in bespoke fertility treatments. Our promise to you is that we will look thoroughly into your fertility difficulties, that we will use state of the art treatment protocols and technologies, and that when appropriate, we will also ‘think outside the box’.

The members of our team at GENNET City Fertility were carefully chosen on the basis of their achievements while working in reputable units in London and overseas. Between the members of our team we share extensive experience and vast knowledge in the field of fertility medicine, assisted reproduction and the management of early pregnancy.

Using this knowledge and experience we endeavour to provide you with the most expert advice and to guide you through a fertility journey that is caring, safe, professional and transparent.

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your journey

your journey

/ Appointment Booking

Enquiry/Appointment Booking

Patients with previous tests or treatments are advised to arrange for copies to bring with them for their first appointment

Initial Consultation
with a Doctor

Initial Consultation with a Doctor

When you attend for your Initial Consultation the Fertility Specialist will discuss your previous medical and fertility history and review any previous investigations or treatments, as applicable. The Fertility Specialist may request further investigations and recommend on treatment options.

Follow-up, Nurse
and Embryology

Follow-up, Nurse and Embryology

Follow-up appointment with the Fertility Specialist to discuss your results and finalise your treatment and arrange for treatment screening blood test.

Before your treatment cycle can commence you and your partner, as applicable needs to attend for a Nurse consultation with a fertility nurse who will inform you of your complete treatment pathway including assisting you with completing the necessary consent forms, finalise and pre-book your treatment dates, make arrangements for your medications and provide you with an injection teaching session. You will also have the opportunity to meet with an embryologist to discuss available laboratory services and their potential benefit they may have for your treatment.

Start of your

Start of your treatment

You will attend the clinic for monitoring ultrasound scans, usually 4 x 30 min appointments between days 1-14 of your cycle, you may also be asked to have some blood tests. At these appointments you will be continually informed on your progress and instructed on your next step.

/Egg Collection day

Insemination/Egg Collection day

Approximately 14 days after your treatment start you will be given a date, time and specific instructions on when to attend the clinic for your insemination/egg collection.


Embryo Transfer

Our embryology team will provide you with regular updates on the development of your embryos and further discuss and agree on your embryo transfer date with you and your Fertility Specialist.

blood test

Pregnancy blood test

Attend the clinic for your pregnancy blood test

confirmation scan

Pregnancy confirmation scan

Attend the clinic for your pregnancy confirmation scan

your journey